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A very Royal Wedding in Wortley, Sheffield

Saturday 18th May 2019 was set to be a big event. The first ‘Royal Wedding’ I had even attended let alone photographed. To say I was excited was the understatement of the Century. I was truly honoured to be requested to capture this joining of families.

Mr O.E.De G. Compton and Miss F.A.I. Montagu Stuart Wortley-Hunt

Announced the engagement between Orlando, son of Mr and Mrs Richard Compton, of Newby Hall, North Yorkshire, and Fleur, daughter of John Wortley-Hunt, of Marshall, Texas, and Lady Rowena Montagu Stuart Wortley, of Wortley, South Yorkshire in September 2018. It was announced in all the papers.

Wedding prep at the Wortley Stately home

When I arrived at bridal wedding prep all was beautifully calm. Fleur, her mother Lady Rowena and her bridesmaids were all getting really. The makeup artist and Hair stylists were doing their thing and everything was looking just divine.

When fish pie is brought across from the local Pub, ‘The Wortley Arms’ and all of the bride squad tuck in, I just knew this was going to be my kind of wedding. Any bride squad that eats pub grub to line their stomachs gets a thumbs up from me.

As the Bride and her squad tuck into their lunch, I headed over to the Wortly Church were the service was being held. I just had the time of my life photographing all kinds of wonderful outfits and hats – it was like ladies day at the Royal Ascot. The crossing from Wortley Pub to Wortley Church is quite a fast road on a bend. The groomsmen had a fantastic idea of dressing up as lollypop men and safely corssing their guest to the church. They had the lollypop sticks and high vis jackets and were great sports.

The Bride, Fleur Wortley-Hunt arrived at the Church in a beautiful car, the whole of Wortley had gathered along the fence to see her entrance. She looked stunning! A real crowd stopper!

The crowd gather at Wortley Church to see Royal Wedding

Fleur walked hand in hand with her brother from the car to the church.

On Saturday 18th May a special Peal was rung by The Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers, to celebrate the wedding of Fleur Montagu Stuart Wortley-Hunt & Orlando Compton. In 2 hours and 51 minutes 5012 changes were rung of a new method, never rung before. When a team ring a new method, they get to name it. It was decided to name the method Wortley Alliance Major.

Inside the Church the service was traditonal and beautiful. Lovely styling throughout.

The Wedding Reception was at the home of Fleur’s mother, Lady Rowena, in Wortley. The beautiful home and grounds sit in the lovely village of Wortley.

Images captured while second shooting for Andrew Cox. All Images featured have been captured and edited by Adele McCarthy-Watson at Fly on the Wall Photography.

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