Adele McCarthy-Watson
Fly on the Wall Photography

Hi! I’m Adele and I’m a natural wedding photographer in the beautiful county of Derbyshire, but I shoot weddings all over the world.

I live in a countryside Village of Barlborough with my Husband and three kids..

My favourite things in the world are travelling and coffee, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me walking the dog in the woods.

I couldn’t live without my friends and family, good food and my camera. I spend a lot of time on Skyscanner looking for cool places to visit and nothing makes me happier than travelling around the world and adding new stamps to my passport.

My love of people watching is what made me want to be a wedding photographer. I’ve been a wedding photographer for 4 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else. The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to work for myself and take awesome photos.

My couples want to enjoy their special day, spend time with their guest and value good photography.  The last thing they want is a photographer who is super cheesy and makes them pose all day.

My wedding photography style is laid back and natural. I capture all the joyful and romantic moments, and let you get on with having a fabulous wedding. For me the bit I love the most about a wedding day is the dancing, because everyone lets their hair down.

Your wedding is all about having a wonderful time with your favourite people. You don’t care about ugly chair covers or formalities – you just want to dance wildly to the band with your favourite people.

If this sounds like you, and you reckon we’d get on then get in touch!

My Story

My journey with photography began after the birth of my first Child.  I became obsessed with documenting her every move.  I was that mum that took pictures on my phone of everything!  By my third child I was ready to move on, I wanted more than just my mobile pictures.  I would spend hours loving  photographers on Instagram, watching lifestyle photographers at work documenting lives.  I have always been a people watcher, fascinated with humans and the world we live.  My favourite photography style is documentary.   So that was it, I decided to take a chance.  I would go back to college and learn a life long passion, Photography.  I brought my first Cannon, a milestone I hold dear to my heart.

"I have always been a people watcher, fascinated with humans and the world we live"


"If its both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it"

I was sad to wave college goodbye, I loved learning and felt almost not ready to put on my big girl pants and take that leap into the big bad world, but I did and here we are. Who’s that wise one that said ‘In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take! Well ‘sing it’ because they are so right!
Someone wise once told me, if its both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it. When I pick up a camera I get that rush. I love people, I love watching stories, I love memories. I’m just a big romantic.

Stories are a communal currency of humanity. I want to tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose, I want to document life in the midst of living it. Life moves too fast, freeze framing that moment for eternity is such a privilege, I am so blessed.


"Life moves too fast, freeze-framing that moment for eternity is such a privilege"

This has been my story,
I am so excited to tell yours.

Want to Chat?

Can you imagine yourself in these images, are you adventurous, quirky and madly in love with your people? Everything starts with a chat, maybe a brew and I’d love to learn more about you and your story. Fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you to really soon!

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