Ali and Fran’s Asian Lockdown Wedding Ceremony

A fusion of bright colours amoungst the private garden at Ali’s parents house, made for a truly unique Asian wedding day. Lockdown was not going to put a holt on this celebration of love. A celebration of two cultures becoming entwined through the wedding of Ali and Fran. The Groom’s family home provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s big day, (or one of their big day’s anyway, there is actually part two coming up soon!). The detailing on both the Bride’s dress and Grooms suit was exquisite, the embrodery and sparkle on the bride’s dress looked so elegant and complimented her beautifully. Choosing to host the Asian wedding at the family home, using the garden as the venue and laying on a delicious spread of traditional food created the perfect combination for the families to unite, relax and enjoy the day. I just can not wait for Part 2. Oh, and double whammy celebrations – as it was also Fran’s parents wedding anniversary too – 28 years of marriage, now that is something to aspire too.

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