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An alternative lockdown look at Wedding jewellery inspiration

So I take from Boris’ clear as mud speech that I am still very much locked down for the forseeable. I have teamed up with one of my favourite bespoke jewellery suppliers to bring you a bit of wedding inspo that is a little different. Lockdown leaves us pretty limited. Our usually styled shoots just can not happen. We can not go to a fabulous venue, or use beautiful florials – they wouldn’t fit in the post. I can’t work with any models right now. So, using only what I have in my house and this wonderful jewellery, I needed to come up with a plan. Light bulb moment – This totally classes as a homeschooling task, right!? Let’s get the kids involved. I dressed my poor unassuming teen up in a wedding dress, with the full intention of whisking her off to the fields up our street. I should have guessed she would refuse to be seen in public in said wedding dress. Plan B – I’ll have her prance around the garden. My nine year old boy wouldn’t marry her, shame, but my 6 year old daughter did participate breifly as a rather enthusiatic bridesmaid. Zero hair and makeup artist credits, as you will see, I am no HMUA – I tried my best. Jokes aside we had great fun working with this jewellery, it is so beautifully made. There is something I find so special about bespoke jewellery peices, you can almost feel the love being pured into them.

If you fancy something a little special for your wedding day or indeed any day you wish to look fabulous, you should check out Claire’s website CrzyBest Claire makes alternative, bespoke bouquets, buttonholes, jewellery and accessories using a variety of non-tarnishing wires, swarovski crystals, semi precious stones and tiny precious metal sculptures; which means you can have pretty much anything you want included in her creations! Winning. Everything is delievered beautifully gift wrapped with care. Claire is a super kind and friendly lady, so do give her a shout if you like what you see.

We call this styled shoot ‘building site lockdown chic’.

If you have a small local business and would like to work together on a fun project, get in touch me with via the form below.
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