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Autumn Photoshoot in Chesterfield

Let’s talk about Autumn! Oh how I love this season. I love the beautiful colours that Autumn brings. Leaves changing to multi-coloured works of art, before finally falling away. The bare vulnerable branches that are left behind. The true beauty fallen at our feet. The trees provide an absolutely perfect backdrop for a family photoshoot in Chesterfield.

We are blessed with some wonderful locations right on our doorstep. Some of my favourite locations to photograph families, couples and weddings are simply ANY woodland area during Autumn. The rich colours of the leaves are truly magically. I love that in Autumn we get to accessorize with hats and scaves. I mean, who does not love a bobble hat?! In-home photo sessions also have a new look, warming by the fire, with hot chocolates, snuggled in blankets. The lighting by the fireplace from the fire on your face, is just beautiful to capture. I love the warm glow of the early setting sun. Autumn is completely the season for colour, comfort and warmth.

If you too are in love with Autumn and would like to capture your family at a family photoshoot in Chesterfield and all Autumn’s glory, definitely get in touch on the form below to book a family photoshoot in Chesterfield and neighbouring locations.

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