Black Friday Deal: Mega Saving on Mini Photoshoots

There is something really cool about Black Friday. I mean aside from getting crazy deals, businesses rally round and support each other, customers look to their favourite suppliers. Because hey, you can’t be watching everything on this crazy day, it would drive you insane!

I mean how do you even decide what deal you want to give as a business! It’s good to give back, but where to start! Well, I figured what do I hear so much when I’m out shooting beautiful humans…? ‘No, don’t get me, just capture the kids’… Sound familiar? Hey, full disclosure, I hate having my picture taken but I try super hard to get shots with my babes because I want them to know, I WAS there and I don’t want them to have the same hang-ups as me. Let there be memories of me and the kids as they grow, I will always want to be a dress size smaller, with a tan, no grey in the hair, and an inflated bust size but the reality is that this is most likely not going to happen, so I can put it off or be brave.

So my Black Friday deal this year is for all you Momma’s who want to be brave and have a Mini shoot with your best humans!

I am giving the first 10 people who fill out this form and include the word BRAVE BLACK FRIDAY – in the ‘tell me about your comment box’…. a mega deal. You can have a mini shoot with me in a location local to Barlborough for less than half price – ONLY £30.


Shoot locations must be no more than 20 minutes from Barlborough and can be in-home or outdoors, (No studio option).

Shoots last for 30 minutes.

Shoots can only be booked for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, daytime or evening.

The offer is valid for one year.

The deal can be redeemed for a session on a mutually agreed date within the year.

The client will receive 10 digital images inclusive of this offer which can be downloaded from their online gallery after the shoot.

Offer is valid on Friday 29th November 2019 from 8 am – 11 pm

Voucher emails will be sent out to the first 10 customers who have expressed an interest in the deal, followed by an invoice.

Shoots must be paid for within 10 days of receiving the offer confirmation and PayPal invoice.

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