Engagement proposal at Burbage brook

So last night I had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful proposal at Burbage brook in the Peak District. Steve had planned every thing down to last detail. involving all of their blended children was so important to him and he did it beautifully. When he first made the call to me, I did think, wow, your not making this thing easy for yourself. But he delievered and I hope that seeing the effort he had gone to made it even more special for Hannah.

When Steve arrived at Burbage brook with kids in toe he had lots of little things with him including a picnic for their fancy picnic later that evening. Everyone was dressed fancy in their best clothes and the kids were just super excited, it was wonderful to see. Steve had sent Hannah and her eldest daughter on a wild goose chase with a series of letters and clues which would eventually lead her to the spot. Time was tight and before we knew it Hannah (expert clue cracker) arrived and the show was on. Burbage brook is a special place for this couple and family.

My favourite moment was when Hannah opened her eyes to the kids holding the sign and Steve dropped to one knee behind her. Goosebumps. I’m sure you are all wondering whether she said yes. Of course ‘she said yes’, and there were happy tears all round. I hope the gorgeous ‘bride to be’ Hannah enjoyed her evening and that it is a memory that was be told time and time again in their family.

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