They say ‘a life well lived should be an adventure!’

Your family is important to you…right?  In a world where we take more pictures every second than we ever have, camera’s instantly available on our mobile phones.  How many of the pictures that you take of your loved ones, are showing them just as we see them – unposed, natrual, happy, laughing, loving, emotional?  How many of these snaps are you actually in? 

Relaxed documentary style images of your family are so beautiful, because we can capture those expressions that you see and love everyday.  We can capture the real connections.

They say ‘a life well lived should be an adventure!’  I happen to agree whole-heartily with this statement and that’s completely how I view family photography.

Come on an adventure with me, let’s climb mountains (Maybe hills mum and dad…), jump in a lake… OK, splash in puddles, eat chocolate cake for breakfast… on purpose. Switch off Netflix and watch that gorgeous sunset, skin your knees, talk to strangers and get lost on a dirt track… because life is happening, let’s get out there and life it while we are still living.

 Whether its just the two of you or you have children, we will have fun. No sitting still and smiling at the camera, I’m a natural documentary photographer, so I’ll prompt and capture it as it happens. I hope to capture real personalities and emotion in my images.
So ‘a life well lived should be an adventure’ they say… let me be there to document yours. Time waits for no one.

Photographing your moments are the only way to make them stand still forever.

Wild Families

1-2 hours shoot in a location of your choice, includes Golden Hour Slots. time to relax and get those perfect unposed moments.

The whole gallery is included in this shoot package.
All images viewed in an online gallery to share with family and friends.

Unlimited family members. 

This is the shoot to get those ‘real’ moments, we have time to explore and really capture everybody’s personality. Plus if mother nature is on our side, this is the shoot for that magically golden light we so love to dance around in.

from £275


Up to 2 hour Shoot at home

This is the shoot to truly tell your families story.  We have all heard that saying, ‘if these walls could talk’.  I want to make them talk.  I want your gallery to be full to the brim of little moments and connections.  Overflowing with love!

I will capture the joy in your family home.  Do not worry about a thing, all you need to do is be present and I will guide you.  As a mother of 3 myself, I get how these things go, somethings we snuggle sometimes we fight, sometimes I just had a baby attached to my boob and we just didn’t even get dressed! I get it.  We will get those images you will treasure for years. Trust me.

from £250

Mid week mini sessions

30 mins shoot in a local location local to our base in Barlborough.  Our mini shoot  are only available on certain dates of the calendar year and take place at locations selected by us depending on the season.

10 images included in the package, chosen from your online gallery

These shoots are perfect for updating family pictures, seasonal shots, and birthday gifts.

from £195

Photographing your moments are the only way to make them stand still forever.

Upgrades on family packages


USB boxes can be purchased as an addition to packages. They also are a lovely gift for parents and family members.


Prints & Framing

We offer a printing and framing service to complete your experience. Product guides will be set you you after your shoot.


Want to Chat?

Can you imagine yourself in these images, are you adventurous, quirky and madly in love with your people? Everything starts with a chat, maybe a brew and I’d love to learn more about you and your story. Fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you to really soon!

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