Family photography at home : Homebird Sessions

It has never been a better time to capture your family with family photography at home : homebird sessions. HOMEBIRD by definition… means, 1. a person who is reluctant to leave their hometown or home. 2. Another name for a homebody. I think we are all ‘this’ at the moment, right? Loving on our homes so much more, apprecating our space, our family time, our bubble.

‘Homebird’ is a new package that I was set to launch earlier this year – lockdown got in the way, standard! Lockdown has had a habit of doing that – stamping on our plans! Now full submerged in the next lockdown, this may be something you want to put on your Christmas list. Because actually what is more important than time frozen memories?

I am currently taking ‘Homebird’ bookings for January, February and March 2021. Capturing you and your people in your own home, using the natrual light and shadows to give your images an artistic feel, as I document you in your space. Such a beautiful way to record memories and your legacy of this precious time in life.

For me, lockdown has been a crazy spin of emotions, there has been lows, there has been highs, there has been growth and acceptance, steep learning and tears. It has been a rollercoaster, I’m sure, for us all. But the biggest change to everyone’s lives has to have been that the world stopped. For some people not completely, our key workers just kept going to which we applaud. But on some level the world slowed down, our pace changed, our priorities became clear, simple blessings were appreciated. Some of us used the extra time to work on improving our spaces, our homes. We worked on our family relationships and most importantly noticed more. Now more than ever, the good things to come from such a horrid situation are just this. Acknologing and documenting this is our legacy.

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Check out this recent Homebird Shoot – “One whole year of Kit”.

One whole year of Kit!

“We are so fortunate that in years to come when Kit’s learning all about the effects of COVID-19, we have these magical photos to show him just how perfect things were in our bubble. We couldn’t thank Adele enough for what she was able to capture”.

Kaneesha, Kit’s Mum

Homebird Sessions by Fly on the Wall Photography

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