Chesterfield Registry Office Wedding

John and Kirsty’s intimate wedding at Chesterfield Registry Office

Who knew that this would be my first wedding of 2020 and my last for the foreseeable future.

After a very wet and windy start to March, it was such a lovely suprise to see the sun shining. As I arrived at Kirsty’s house everyone was busy getting ready. The girls were a hoot and such a pleasure to hang out with. The bond between these girls was just beautiful.

Kirsty had gone for a themed hair style which looked fab on everyone and had done her own makeup. One of my favourite moments was when Kirsty’s dad arrived and saw her; I’d be lying if I didn’t love the tears.

The ceremony was at Chesterfield Registry Office. It was small and intimate and just perfect for a really personal service. After the ceremony, and the realisation that they ‘just did it!’, it was straight over to the Bondhay Golf Club for one heck of a Party! Swinging by McDonalds on the way – I mean, who doesnt need a cheese burger after they just got wed?!

The Party was awesome, the cake was tasty – I had three slices and I’m sure I’d be in breach of something if I elaberated any more. Winking eye! Kirsty and John, I was honoured to spend your special day with you and your awesome people!

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