Outdoor Family Photoshoot in a meadow in Chesterfield

There is something about the bond between mother and son. Even as they grow, still so warm and affectionate towards their mother, I find this so beautiful. Boys, act all tough don’t they, they can be silly and rough but when it comes to mom hugs they just melt into your little boy again. We had the most glorious evening out in the meadow, just walking talking and playing. Not standing around and posing just keeping moving and learning how to best bottle up this bond that I saw in front of me.

Capturing family photos outdoors is great to keep children engaged. I also love that we have time and space to capture the true them. I love that there are so many expressions in this gallery and I love that mom, despite her nervousness to do so, got in the frame with her boy. Mamma’s do it, be present and exsist in your children’s memories and keepsakes. Here are a few from the shoot.

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