Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot at Worksop Priory

It has been a crazy summer of us all getting used to a ‘new normal’. I’m not too sure I even like those words, but it is what it is, we have all had to make changes. With newborn’s born during lockdown, I wanted to find a way to document them safely for their families. Families longing to frezze this time, this special point in their lives. We have had some glorious weather and getting out in the fresh air helped us to create these beautiful memories for this lovely Mamma and her family. Documenting newborns outside can be done at any time of year. It is exspecially lovely to meet at home and then go for a walk, at your pace to get some great memories at home, through windows, in your garden and your local walks. These memories are such a lovely way to document real parenthood and help you to tell your story to your little one as they grow.

Newborn photography does not need to be done in a studio, documenting your newborn and lifestyle is very much a thing – and long may it be a thing, because I love it.

Having a baby during a world pandemic must have been an experience. I have heard all sorts of birth stories this summer that I am sure you could relate to. It has been stressful, it has been ‘different’ but hey. different is special and however it happened, it was your special event and documenting your little bundle of joy is something that you absolutely can still do. Imagine tell them the story when they are older.

Interested in an Outdoor Newborn photography session, get in touch below:

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