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So I get asked a lot about what to wear on a Photoshoot.  What to wear and what to bring? I totally get outfit planning for a family shoot or indeed any shoot with multiple participants needs consideration. One of THE most important things when heading for the shoot is what you’re wearing. I know we are all busy people and planning coordinating outfits is most likely, not high on the priority list, but these images will be precious for a lifetime, so giving your clothing choice some thought is important. 


OK so *some* logos can be fine, some can actually add to a photograph (think a little boy wearing a Superman T-Shirt!) But most just distract away from the photograph, highly branded tops are generally a no go, try to keep them subtle.


Take into consideration when your shoot is taking place, if it’s Autumn there will be lots of browns, oranges etc in your background so look at colours that either complement or contrast against those.  I personally love Burgundy, Jade green and Mustard yellow in Autumn.  These colours also tend to set skin tones off beautifully.  Neutral colours that compliment the environment of an outdoor shoot will be wonderful if you are wanting to create a more uniformed feel.  But, as a photographer I personally love bold bright colours, the bolder the better, I love rich vibrant tones so if your feeling brave, go for it, I will thank you for it!


The age of dressing everyone in a matching white top is thankfully behind us!  Dressing everyone in matching clothing can in fact age an image. The best advice I can give, is to have a colour scheme of about 3 colours, not everyone needs to wear all the colours but everyone should wear at least one that another person is wearing… this can even be a simple accessory like a bunch of flowers or hairband.  Opting for classic pieces that suit each individual in your chosen colour palette can really pull a portrait together.


Do add colour! I know I have stressed this but honestly, hints of colour can really help to make those photos pop, perhaps add them in accessories such as a flower crown or necklace!


You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing, but you should also wear something that perhaps isn’t your everyday clothing, I LOVE to photograph women in long dresses, maxi skirts etc (though there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans! – they are timeless!). Be practical with your footwear.  Much of what I shoot is a little off-road, I will have you go stand in the weeds or the corn to surround you with the wonderful texture, be ready for that.  I welcome the wellies and trainers.  But do bring along your ‘jewelled scandals’ if you wish as there are moments along the way where we can sit change shoes and get those manicures out.  Another good time is to consider layering up.  My shoots are quite active, especially for children.  Having them wear layered clothing will enable them to take their coats off if the weather is not on our side or it is winter shoot and also creates different looks throughout the shoot.


Accessories are fabulous, not only do they help add colour to photographs they can be taken away and added and give your photos a different look, from cardigans/hats and scarves to jewellery, umbrellas, teddies, blankets etc etc etc – bring them along! I want to document your life so loved items can add that personal touch. ONLINE

You can find outfit inspiration from some of the top retailers.  They even do all of the colour matchings and layering for you.  A good one to check out is Zara online and Next kids, pieces are put together and styled as outfits and collections.

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