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It’s STILL lockdown, we have more time than ever before. To keep me sane I need to create, it’s in my blood and bones. So I got thinking. I would love to help during this crazy time. I can’t work doing what I love to do – photographing connections between people, so maybe I could challenge myself to try and find connections in products and put my spin on product photography. Let me warn you, I dont want to do all your boring flat lays for you, that bores me to tears, but if you like what I do and fancy trying something other than flat lays on a white surface with your products, then I’d love to hear from you.

First up I’d like you to meet Me & Thee UK

Maria grew up in Chesterfield and before founding Me & Thee, she worked in Corporate Communications in the banking sector, essentially, writing stuff for others. Now she gets to write stuff for herself. Winning!

Here is a little from the marker herself:

I grew up in chesterfield but have also lived in Liverpool (uni); Aix-en-Provence (uni); Nice (sunbathing); Courchevel (work); Avoriaz/Morzine (work); and Edinburgh. I married my Glaswegian man, slung him over my shoulder and brought him back to Chesterfield with me. We now live here with our two amazing kids and Betty the dog.

I write definitions of local dialect words. Write what you know, that’s what they say isn’t it?! Much of what I write is influenced by my childhood – words and phrases that my family used.

Maria Clare Brannen, Me & Thee UK
“Literally standing in the rain in my garden during lockdown… But do you know what, I have so much to be thankful for and it will ‘be reyt’! “ Adele McCarthy-Watson, Fly on the Wall .

Making partnerships and connections with local businesses is important to me. It is also important to me that we all get through this rough patch. That we support each other to stay in business when this is all over. Local businesses, lets connect, let’s support each other, we’ve got this!

Stay safe everyone.
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