Doorstep Project

Staying creative during COVID-19

For everyone, this lockdown situation has not been easy. I have a lovely home with lovely humans inside it, but being told I can not go out for 12 weeks has not sat well with me. It is human nature isn’t it, to want what we can’t have. But we all know this is for the best. We must work together to protect our NHS.

My work has all been put on hold. I am devastated that I can not document families, beautiful fresh newborns and wonderful wedding celebrations this spring and possibly summer. I just do not have any words to describe how hard this has hit me. I know so many of you are feeling the same way, it has hit so many industries hard!

At home I have been documenting this whole experience with my family unit, but I wanted to share this love. So to stay positive and creative during this time and to spread a little joy around my little village I have been joining in with the popular #frontporchproject I would like to start by assuring you that no rules have been broken while delivering this project. I am taking COVID-19 very seriously indeed. What to know how the project works? Read on…

I have three ferrel children and a dog that need walking daily. To add a little adventure to this walk I have been planning routes around the village to pass houses of families taking part in my project and my camera dog walk. All families taking part have known what time to look out for me and when they see me they pop outside, hang out on their doorstep or at their window briefly and then we continue walking. It has been a very surreal experience for my children in particular so far, seeing their friends from afar and not able to play or touch, this does not come naturally to children.

I am a big lover of documentary photography as my followers will know. I am all about the memories, documenting and freezing a moment in time, just as it is. If I could be out documenting the public empty spaces and empty shelves right now, I would be. I think this is such a fantastic project to show our children in years to come. What would be cool, is if we could do as many families as we could in the village. So I am looking for more humans to take part. The front porch project rules – You must live on a reasonable Barlborough village dog walk route from my house (old village Barlborough or new village Barlborough), you must not come off your drive or near me (sorry!) and you must have a rainbow in your window or porch. Let’s hope that we only get one chance at documenting this experience and we are never in this situation again!

So how do you get involved. simply send me an email or complete the contact form on the website. I will just need your address and then I will tell you what time and day to look out for me on my dog walk. Simples.

Stay safe from the McCarthy-Watson’s
Snapped the lovely B.O.O.T.S ladies after they finished their shift looking after key worker children.

There is some lovely artwork around our village. It does brighten up the walk. See how many rainbows you can spot when you are next out on a village walk.

Slayley Green, Barlorough
Bluebell Woods, Barlborough

Shout outs to some more of our village heros doing a grand job!

People doing awesome things to keep up communty spirits.

VE Day celebrations. Bunting made by keyworkers and displayed on the church gates.

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