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What is a In-home Lifestyle Photo Session?

Lifestyle sessions are my jam.  I love to capture what I see the beautiful, and the chaos just documents it all.

Lifestyle Photography is what I live for, love to do, and what family photography is all about for me. I deliver lifestyle sessions for both my outdoor and in-home photography.  Maybe the reason that I enjoy it so much is because lifestyle sessions aim to capture what is real and in the moment.  Maybe it’s because I see the beauty in the everyday chaos of life and understand that these are the things we will all want to remember.  Our families grow so quickly, our routines change along with them. I see it in my own kids when they just did something for the very last time, and I sigh.

So I thought that I would try to convince you that you really need this type of documentation in your life. It really is a game-changer but I also appreciate that having someone in your home and in your personal space to capture these moments can seem a bit intimidating or overwhelming, so it may take a little convincing.  But I promise you it will be fun, relaxed, and you will have beautiful and artistic photos that will help you to remember this chapter of your family’s life. 

Here are 4 magic reasons why you should have an in-home lifestyle photo session in your home.

1. My favorite part of lifestyle may be the expressions and natural emotions that are captured as everyone is interacting together in your home.  True personalities shine through in your safe, comfortable space surrounded by your people.

2. In home lifestyle sessions allow us to capture all the little details.  The bouncy curls on the head of your toddler, the freckles on your son’s nose, all the little toes on their growing feet, or the quilt grandma made.  All these little details help tell a story.  Your story. 

3. I also love that we can capture your family doing the things they love to do together at home.  Whether it is making breakfast together, playing board games, making Lego creations, or just reading or cuddling in your favorite spot. You rarely get to capture your family doing these things together with you in them! You also may hate the wallpaper at the moment or you have been saving up to change that sofa, but that wallpaper and that sofa will be your childrens childhood, it will be in their memories and they will love it more than you know.

4. When we photograph in your home we get a glimpse into your environment; the place where you live, thrive and get to be a family.  Your home is where it all happens and where you make memories on a daily basis. You know that nursery you spent months decorating, or the awesome little reading nook where your family likes to hang out? Now you can have documentation of you and your family spending time in the places you all love the most. And your children will have something to remember these spaces and the memories you all made together in them for years to come.  

Lifestyle photography is more than just candid action shots for me.  It’s about capturing your personality, telling stories through pictures, evoking feelings, and creating art from your everyday moments! If you would like to discuss booking in an in-home lifestyle photo session at your home please do get in touch via the contact form below.

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